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Top design R & D teamProfessional and technical team, with rich experience in the industry.

Risein's industry technology research and development center, has the world first-class plastic machinery research and design experts, the latest timely grasp of the international development of plastics machinery, the new product development speed and quality with the world.

Gold medal after-sales service, there is no worry for youExcellent R & D, sales and after-sales service team.

Risein plastics machinery Co.,Ltd presses product quality accident zero complaints, product quality problems unconditional refund change, channel formal, quality assurance. Free of charge of national logistics, commissioning, and new and old customers hand in hand to create a win-win situation.


Foshan Risein Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd, mainly engaged in design and development, independent production, injection molding equipment, independent independent sales customer service all in one service, the company has a number of design from R & D, production, sales, injection equipment customer service experienced professional team. The company has been committed to the development and innovation of plastic molding automation peripheral equipment. Scrvice to meet customer base, independent innovation as the driving force, to achieve a one-stop service for the purpose of continuous innovation, launched the international advanced high-tech environmental protection products.。


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